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November 5, 2022

New Features

  • Added Parameter trim for image endpoints has been added. trim will trim any whitespace on the outside of an image.
  • Added Parameter waitForFrame for all endpoints has been added. waitForFrame attempts to detect any iframes and wait for the ifram to be full loaded.
  • Added Parameter waitForFrameAttachment for all endpoints has been added. waitForFrameAttachment will wait for an iframe to fire it's attached event.
  • Added Parameter waitForFrameNavigation for all endpoints has been added. waitForNavigation lets you set the waitUntil value for the navigation of the iframe src.
  • Added Parameter transparent for image endpoints. This allows images without a background to be generated such as transparent PNGs or WebP files.
  • New Pricing options were added to add more pricing choices.
  • Increased the allowed document generations for the Scale plan from 10,000 to 20,000. All existing users will be upgraded at no cost. No action is required, the change will take place during your next billing cycle.
  • Free account limits have been increased, and verbiage around free accounts clarified from "Trial" to "Free". These accounts were never a trial and were always free so the verbiage was very confusing.


  • The UI now correctly indicates a cancelled or disabled account. It is now significantly easier to re-activate a cancelled or disabled account.