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April 30, 2022

Backend Changes

New Features

  • S3 Compatible Storage options added
  • Asynchronous API Calls are now supported with async: true parameter. v2 API Endpoint is now the default, defaulting to async: true.
  • Cloud Storage support added for future new account types that will include built-in storage.
  • Asset storage support got added for storing future assets in Cloud Storage.
  • Jobs API Endpoints added
  • Storage API Endpoints added
  • Assets API Endpoints added
  • Zapier Integration added


  • Fixed incorrect response codes for certain HTTP GET and POST operations.
  • Fixed incorrect mime type responses.
  • Increased the response times for the private office endpoints.

Frontend Changes

  • A new, completely re-written front end. Please let us know what you think. It has tons of new features as well.
  • 2-Auth support for additional security.
  • Create Projects and share them with other users.
  • Deeper integration with Stripe. We now support full customer integration so that you can update your Business Information via the portal.
  • Tax IDs are now supported through UI.
  • Dark theme
  • Assets support in UI
  • Better support for managing Jobs and viewing details.
  • Notification system for priority alerts and system-wide notifications.
  • New Help Systems with better integration for live support.